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India Is A Hilarious Country 1

India Is A Hilarious Country

India is a hilarious country with no sense of humour … according to a hindi film star . Why ? At this moment there are innumerable shows that cash in upon people’s craze for laughter . Everyone is admitting that laughter is the best medicine . And this man says that Indians have no sense of humour .

Lessons in Management – 2 0

Lessons in Management – 2

In keeping with the encouraging reply by admin, I have decided to post another good management lesson.

A turkey used to see an eagle sitting up a tree daily and wanted to get to that high spot. The turkey told about this to the cow. The cow told the turkey that if the turkey nibbled on some of his (the cow’s) droppings which were packed with nutrients he will get the strength and energy to reach the top of the tree. The turkey nibbled on the droppings daily and was able to scale the tree daily with more height each day. Finally the turkey was able to reach the top of the tree. Soon a hunter spotted the turkey on the treetop and shot the bird down.

The moral of this story? Bullshit might be able to get you to the top but it will not keep you there!!