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Apple iPod Touch 0

Apple iPod Touch

Rumoured to be launched officially some time before Diwali, the iPod Touch is what everyone
wants—at least until the iPhone is officially launched here. So what is the iPod Touch? Think the



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The Apple iphone – Pros and Cons 0

The Apple iphone – Pros and Cons

The hype surrounding the launch of the Apple iphone has been unbeleivable. Is it justifiable all this hype? That’s what I am trying to do through this blog entry. I will discuss the pros and cons of this phone here.

The cons first:
1. The phone is 2G and not 3G. Graphics and picture-heavy websites will take ages to load. RSS feeds and mobile-friendly websites load quickly though.
2. In spite of the boast of being an internet communicator, the phone lacks services like Instant Messaging and VoIP.
3. It cannot sync data (calendar details and contacts) either by BlueTooth or over the mobile network.
4. The camera is only 2megapixel and unless shot in direct sunlight, the pictures are of a poor quality.