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Mob Mentality 3

Mob Mentality

Mob comprises off you , me and may more like us . But individual behaviour and mob behaviour are so different from each other . When people get togather to opine about something or stage some protest against something it certainly have more impact than individual protest or opinion .

Aso when some fellow human being are in disaster people gather to help and empathise them , which act as great moral support to sufferer . But sometimes such gathering causes hindrance in rescue specially when the mob can do nothing to stop the mishap .

Sunday 1


Sunday , its sounds so relaxing , so peaceful . During my childhood Sunday was synonimous with sumptuous dishes , leisurly lunch , morning activities of household work etc . Helping parents was one of the topmost activity in the agenda , even more important then getting our goods neat and clean . Because as my father told that when for the rest of the week maa and deuta help up with our works like home work and , and everything we should help them at this particular day .

For The Fear of Paying Fine 1

For The Fear of Paying Fine

We had enjoyed the last Durga puja in our apartment campus , though we were comparitively new at this campus . Our campus is more or clean because of the effort of some recidents , the committee and those who are paid for doing the job .
Usually because of ignorance and because no one tries to put some civic sense in their mind kids are mostly responsible for those occasional pieces of packets of chips , candy wrapping plastics etc . Especially during the puja days kids were at the peak of festive mood and no one would be there to stop them .

Love Thy Neighbours…. 0

Love Thy Neighbours….

There are about 16 families in our building . All people may not know each other by names but they at least knows that they live in the same building . Occasional exchange of glances and smiles and if it happens that two of them had already met earlier then greetings take pllace while meeting at the lift or at the terrace . Immediate neighbours share even better rapport by exchanging some special dishes and sweets during festivels .

Aamir Khan Thinks Differently 0

Aamir Khan Thinks Differently

After so much media interviws and discussion about Taare Zameen Par , no one could just ignore the film . In one of his interviws to a news channel Aamir unfolds his concern for children . While saying that we don’t blame our childs for not being a good player , or a singer or for not being able to be a painter . But we blame them for not being good at maths .

This was a really unique thought , which most parent won’t like to relish . We just focus on the future of the student and insist on his performance in selected subjects . This is the order of the day , of the system .

Squeeze Out Some Time To be Yourself 0

Squeeze Out Some Time To be Yourself

While following our dreams or just completing our everyday routine works we tend to forget sometimes what we love to do actually . The world is so demanding most of the time we just work to meet a deadline only .

Again most of the time we cannot express ourselves . Just because we cannot say no to our near and dear ones we have to go overboard with assignments . And at times can not show our resentments . This way pressure and tension gets mounted in long run .

Quiet Evening 3

Quiet Evening

I love the moments when the earth wears her dusky dress to welcome Night . All the birds twittering back to their nestles , hurried people coming back to their households , the sun kissing a passionate goodbye to the horizon ….

Human Being Turning To Monsters 0

Human Being Turning To Monsters

Most of the cities specially metros watched women molested in the hands of unrully mob on the eve of the New Years Day . What made the youngstars to view women as easy prey of their lust I cannot imagine . Are we going back to beginning of civilisation when women just confined themselves to their houses and did not came out without the escort of their male companions .Here situation is far more worse because in some places molesters even ignored the presence of the male companions of the girls .