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Sorry !!!!!!!!!! I COMPLETELY DISAGREE 0


Hi Friends,
I am very sorry to say that …
The question is not about nationalism. MBA institutes are meant to churn out managers and in today’s MNC and global economic culture an exquisite written and spoken English skills is mandatory to beat thru cutting edges.

We are NOT France or China, lets face it. 90% of our FDI comes from English speaking nations and we are doing good because we have a tremendous potential in speaking and articulating English in business terms.

Support/oppose taking IIMA CAT in Hindi etc 0

Support/oppose taking IIMA CAT in Hindi etc

Hi Friends,
as early i have seen that the CAT2007 result is open then one question is aries in my mind that why IIM cat entrance exam not having a option for hindi.

Lets us say hypothetically CAT was taken in Hindi and English.

Say 5000 students give English CAT and 5000 students give Hindi CAT. Say there are 100 seats. Now say topmost 30 Hindi-CAT students are better than 71st English-CAT students

we have two options

A)give admission to 70 English CAT and 30 Hindi CAT students. Make Hindi-CAT people learn English.