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We boast of being the citizen of the greatest democracy in the world. The present Panchayat Election in Assam has shown its ugly face. And we are at a loss to understand what democracy is! If this is the system of democracy , then what is the definition of not being in a democratic country is a matter to think of, and puzzling no doubt. It was the rule of goons almost everywhere specially in the Hailakandi District of Assam. The most powerful were not the election commission or the machinery under its control but the so-called local leaders.



We live in DEEDS not in YEARS. A life can be measured EITHER in the scale of time i.e. the span of years he survived OR in the scale of the works he rendered towards the society i.e. his deeds. If we are here to eat and drink and merry-making, what is the value of this kind of life !