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Hope is hope
Never let you drop
In the midst of the rain
Storm or cold
Hope gives you strength to keep moving
Even if you feel like giving up

Never quit and believe in yourself.
As long as you believe
Will have a reason for trying and trying hard
To meet the goal of your life

Never let anyone snatch or hold your happiness
Keep your hands closed
And fingers crossed
To make this beautiful and precious life
Within your reach

Never measure success or failure by
Money Material or Wealth
But the way you feel.
Our feelings determine the riches in our lives.




Can Love be trusted?
Can we be sure will it last forever?
Giving our heart to others
Sometimes in past and sometimes in present
We shed tears and build fears
Of loosing each other
And now we’re afraid to let our hearts go.
Because of the pain we’ve come to know.

Love again and again, and take the chance.
Trust our hearts,
That is the only guide
To find that true Romance.
So if we hide the Rose from the light,
And never see it grow.
But if we plant it in the sun,
That gives a hope
That Rose will blossom again

Tear down the Iron Gate built high

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Little Hope to Move forward 1

Little Hope to Move forward

Why do people changes the blogs or the site they works on? Seen many people, who are working on Internet join one program and then leave it? Why and what is the main reason for it? Do you know the exact reason for such changes?