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Save your energy. 1

Save your energy.

In this hectic and fast paced living, people generally tend to get exhausted very easily. The reason for this exhaustion is generally more psychological than physical.

One way of Exercise 0

One way of Exercise

Though you see people doing them, Toe touches and calf stretches won’t prepare your muscles for a workout. The only way to warm up, say experts is with light aerobic exercise, walking, easy jogging or stationary cycling, for example. Do this for five to ten minutes and you are good to go. Muscles are like toffee- when cold, they are stiff and can tear if you over extended them. But they are pliable once the blood is pumping. In fact, you can save stretching for post -exercise.

Who is Sexy Culprit in th End? 0

Who is Sexy Culprit in th End?

Now a day the big question in the front of almost all the parent is about what food to be given to their children. With the change in eating most of the children like the junky unhygenic food rather what their parent prepared in the house. They prefer to have the fast food or ready made food rather then the home made one.
In such situation to whom will you blame? The children or the Food manufacture? Or the advertiser Or the Parent it self?