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Hate is weakness 2

Hate is weakness

Many people hate other people for various reasons. But in hating they overlook one thing that this hate becomes their weakness. Let me explain it by an example.

Merchants of hate 0

Merchants of hate

Politicians in India only know how to divide. They have turned every human aspect in to negative tool which they use to divide. Whether it is religion, language, caste, origin, urban, rural, rich, poor, the politicians have used all of them to create hate amongst people.

Love is natural and hate is an aberration 1

Love is natural and hate is an aberration

God has created many living beings. Human beings are the best creation amongst all living beings. But under the influence of false ego, human being have turned out to be a liability on Mother Earth.They do not miss any chance to pollute nature.

Was I wrong … people love politicians? 1

Was I wrong … people love politicians?

If I agree with what Income Tax Appellate Tribunal of India (ITAT) has said then all my beliefs will be proved wrong. I have always maintained that people have no love for poliicians. Politicians are always seen by people as a necessary evil who have contaminated every aspect of social, moral and religious behaviour.

Agaaz yeh hai tab anzaam kya hoga??? 2

Agaaz yeh hai tab anzaam kya hoga???

Year 2008 had set in.Two couples step out of the hotel in Mumbai after ushering new year in. A mob pounces on them. The women are groped on the street. Two media lensmen catch the horror on film. Morning newspapers tell the people. There is an outcry. Mumbai police commissoner unmasks himself and his police force. He blames media, said police can not be present everywhere, such incidents will keep on happenng, it can happen now, it can happen at this place. The language used by him was bad and insulting. His body language was revolting. His statement shocked me. He praised his cops.

Is it Necessary to Create Religion 0

Is it Necessary to Create Religion

The cause of violence in the world other than food and lodging is religion. Thousands of religionists believe that their religion is the only true religion and all the others are false. They are willing to kill and die for their religion but the irony is that their own religion tells them not to kill. How can we prevent religious mania from being the cause of world violence?

If we believe that there is someone who created this universe, we called him God, when he created this beautiful world with so many creatures,he has not created this nasty religions and all this.

Then who are we to create this barrier and hate among religion to religion. If god has created all human being alike two hands, two legs,same nose,ear,blood ,then is it necessary to create religion ?