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A Cuppa of Vitality 1

A Cuppa of Vitality

I have an old habit of having a rich cup of tea at late morning . And almost everyone in the household enjoy this cuppa .

Habit is Second Nature 5

Habit is Second Nature

There some things which we do because we need to do them , if we fail to accomplish them in time we will be in trouble . But there are some works which we do just for habit . And sometimes the line between the two kind of works get merged and we tend to work like a machine . This often happens with our daily routine .

Habit is second nature 0

Habit is second nature

Habit is a settled and firm practice.When it is done so often it becomes a part of man’s nature.We are inclined to do thing once,twice and many times.Soon it hardness into a habit.What is done,frequently,can be done always.So habit can develop itself into a nature a permanent trait in man.So we must be careful in forming our habit right from the beginning.A man is after all a bundle of habits.If a man cultivates his habits properly he finds no trouble in practicing them in everyday life.taking the instance of early rising-at first,one may be unwilling to leave the warm and comfortable bed.But