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Membership in multiple blogging sites 14

Membership in multiple blogging sites

Blogging as I understand is a recording of ones original thoughts in the world of web space. It is also a showcase of ones creative talent presented in a cogent and thought provoking written form.

Iam sure everyone will also agree, that to present ones thoughts, requires a lot of time and effort. Even the most prolific of writers have these limitations. It is extremely difficult to churn out reams and reams of contents.

Considering the current point of discussion, I have no clue as to how the current day generation of bloggers is able generate contents by dime a dozen. But from my experience of blogging in a very short span of 2 months, Iam able to surmise, one key factor. That is copying contents that are not theirs. There are others who participate in many similar blogging sites simultaneously, and post the same contents probably their very own, in all of them.

Heart over Mind – Change the world for better 5

Heart over Mind – Change the world for better

The recent events of kidney sale racket has taken, most of the time space in all the media channels. But then this has been going on for several decades and each time such issues crop up, enough time is spent on the issue per-say, without looking into the modalities of avoiding recurrences of such inhuman acts.

Arrest the unrest prevalent everywhere 1

Arrest the unrest prevalent everywhere

The ever increasing tools for entertainment, comfort, luxurious living etc. all have added to the human extending their wants. Now there is no limits to wants, which results in the need for more money to satisfy those wants. The source of legal money is restricted, so one looks for alternate illegal ways to reach for the money and there in is the start of the unrest, chaos, greed and all that reveals the illegal path for money.