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Am I a senior citizen 4

Am I a senior citizen

As per a report, the number of senior citizens in India is close to 80 million and is growing by the day. In another two decades, it is expected to touch 137 million, due to rising life expectancy.

Who delays justice? 4

Who delays justice?

Nobody will disagree with the President when she said, “Time has come when we need to seriously introspect whether our judicial machinery has lived up to its expectations of walking the enlightened wa

Don’t politicians take bribe in England? 1

Don’t politicians take bribe in England?

British High Commissioner Richard Stagg appreciated Lead India initiative and advocated that politicians should be paid more. As per his views professionals would consider coming into public life if they are compensated better. He asked that if there is no money in politics, why should a youngster join it?

Very interesting observation, but are not politicians professionals and are all politicians old? Politics is a very rewarding profession and there are many youngsters in politics.

Anupam Kher quipped, “But they will make money in politics, won’t they?”