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Sony PS3 0

Sony PS3

Coming to the PS3, we wonder if we really need to explain any further. Well, here’s a look at its spec sheet: Cell processor (capable of 218 GFlops); Full HD capability (1080p); 2xHDMI ports; Dolby 5.1/DTS capable audio; Blu-ray DVD player (CD/DVD/BD); wireless controllers; and more…

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 2

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite

This black beauty comes with an HDMI-out—perfect if you’re planning on getting an LCD HDTV. The Elite sports a full 1080p HD resolution; it also comes with a 120 GB hard drive, and unfortunately, not much more in terms of features than the regular Xbox models. But well, you’ll be able to actually use it as a media centre to play back movies on your HDTV. Besides, with the Elite you get digital audio. And more… The Elite is supposed to be backwards-compatible with previous Xbox and Xbox 360 games, but this doesn’t hold true all the time.