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Cricket and Money By Uwon 4

Cricket and Money By Uwon

First when Cricket started there was very less salary paid to cricketers on daily basis.But now cricketers are Crorepati’s.This is because there is much corruption in this game now.All plays for mone

Prince of Persia 2

Prince of Persia

I have strange things with the game, you know i learnt how to use a computer by playing this game Prince of Persia. When i was studying for my 10th this game came to me. Like all the brothers, my bro is great in computer and had very less intention to teach me how to use one. I always asked him to teach me some basic, but he was keen on using the comp himself, but when the time came for me to atleast start the game,
i remembered what keys he typed, gradually i that i learnt how to play and use the comp.

Cricket as explained to a foreigner. 0

Cricket as explained to a foreigner.

Ever wondered why so few countries play cricket? While often labelled as the gentleman’s game it is played by so few commonwealth countries only. It is not surprising considering the complicated nature of the game. Take a look at this paragraph below – it is the way an ardent fan of the game explained cricket to an unsuspecting foreigner!!

You have two sides, one out in the field and one in. Each man that is in the side that is in goes out, and when he’s out, he comes in and the next man goes in until he is out. When they are all out, the side that is out comes in to go out and the side that was in goes out to try and get those who are in out. Sometimes you get men still in and not out.