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World of Precious friends 2

World of Precious friends

Precious friends

Friends are precious
Lovely in every way
God gave me friends
I know,
For they knew me
Before I had much to say

Friends are precious
Lovely in every way
They loved me by being close to my heart and soul
Friends are already you were close before I knew,
There is a secret somehow the special one
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Who gently understands and knows me from the core
Love me for my thoughts and thinking

Friends are precious
Lovely in every way
I thank God every day for giving me
A bunch of wonderful Friends
Who stand by me

Mobiles are my best friend 0

Mobiles are my best friend

Mobile is my best friends, nowadays ppl cannot forget eating or sleeping but no one forgets to take their best friend along with them. That is their mobile. Even your best friend tend to leave you lonely sometime but when you have mobile, you are never alone. What not you can do with mobile, you can communicate with your friends, hear music, take snaps and videos. Now you can even go online from your mobile. That day

Real friends !!! 1

Real friends !!!

मैं चला जब कर्म पथ पर द्रढ निश्चय पर अकेला,
आ जुड़े हर जीत के संग मित्र इतने जैसे मेला.
जीत का आनंद सबको इतना भाया,
हार की संभावनाएं भूल बैठे,
और पहली हार पर घबरा गए सब,
दोष मेरा है येही सब मान बैठे.
काफिला घटता गया,
और मित्र निंदक हो गए,

Don’t Ignore the Good Things 0

Don’t Ignore the Good Things

Let me have a word here. I live in the West, but I have lots of Indian and Pakistani friends, and I have been following both arranged and love matches.

So far I think the arranged ones work better, percentually.

Might be best friends 0

Might be best friends

Hi friends
At the startup of 2008 i found a very big surprse from eblogs.in that start to play a important role in this year in my life.i want to say to all of my friends:

You might be best friends one year,
pretty good friends the next year,
don’t talk that often the next year,

and don’t want to talk at all the year after that.
So, I just wanted to say,

even if I never talk to you again in my life,

you have made a difference in my life,

I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you.

2007…a year to cherish…2007…when…. 0

2007…a year to cherish…2007…when….

2007…..a year to cherish…..

2007 was when………
when we got a job………
when we passed out of college….
when we made new amazing friends…..
when some of us moved to a new city…..
when some of us celebrated our 22nd ( 23rd) birthdays…..

when we waved good bye to our buddies leaving to the states for higher studies…

when some of us fell in love……..
when some of us fell out of love
when some of us got hurt
when some of your ‘friends’ screwed up your love life…
when some ‘one’ you liked, did not like ‘you’….

2007 when
when we would have made mistakes
when we made life decisions…….
when these decisions turned out to be a tragedy
when some of us felt lonely ….