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Outwitting Fate – the last part 1

Outwitting Fate – the last part

Thus solving the problems of his guru’s children the disciple set off……..

He went to live under a tree near her house to see if his plan worked. He was happy to see that it did.

Outwitting Fate – Part III 0

Outwitting Fate – Part III

hello friends, i wont be able to complete the story in 3 parts it might take more than expected, i am sorry.

In the last part i.e. in part II, the young Brahmin learnt about the fate of his guru’s child from Brahma……..

Outwitting Fate – Part I 0

Outwitting Fate – Part I

Hello friends,

Recently I read a story which I felt like sharing with everyone. This is a folk tale from Tamilnadu. The story is too long to be told in one part so I will do it in 2-3 parts.