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I often used to wonder , how easy is for Muslim husbands to break at any time the pious relationship of marriage as right from my childhood I have heard & seen in movies , plays , TV serials etc tha

Divorce via video-conferencing 4

Divorce via video-conferencing

They met on the net. They fell in love. Their love bloomed into marriage. God gifted them with a child. Now they want divorce. Straight out of a film? But it is real.

Sad episode of a brilliant Boy 3

Sad episode of a brilliant Boy

The Academic Brilliance
Sonu (Name changed) the youngest son amongst a large family of 2 elder brothers, 3 elder sister and a younger sister, was a brilliant boy academically. He finished his engineering from a leading university with honors. He had dreams of pursuing his master from some university in the US. His parent though aged at that time, was quite independent.

The Family

The impact of divorce on kids 0

The impact of divorce on kids

The family is the building block of our society. It is the place where everyone begins life and to which they always belong. The more that members of a family belong to each other, the more each individual and each family thrive. When rejection occurs in the family, especially between the parents when they separate or divorce, or even when they never come together, the entire family and especially the children, suffers.