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Stress and peace 0

Stress and peace

We are constantly under physical and/or mental stress. We all know the reason for this but we fail to take any corrective action. We all have expectations. We expect many things from others. Others expect many things from us. Whenever these expectations are not fulfilled it causes frustration, depression, agony, hated, anger and jealously. All these negative feelings manifest as stress.

if winter come shall spring be far behind 0

if winter come shall spring be far behind

Winter is a season of snow,hail and biting cold.Nature loses its beauty and vernal wealth.the sky is cloudy and the atmosphere is dull and chilly,but man faces everything in the hope of the arrival of spring.spring is the season of beauty and bounty,of shower and flowers.With the same spirit man must brave difficulties and dangers in life.Miseries and misfortunes in life are a period of test and trial.One is sure to enjoy happiness in days to come,if he stands firm in the dark days.Adversity of today can be the prosperity of tomorrow.It is not a fact that bright and beautiful morning follows

Passing It On 0

Passing It On

When I was a child we played a game called, Pass It On. You may remember it too. One person whispers something in your ear and you pass it on to the next person. By the time a simple phrase has reached the end of the line it sounds like something totally different. It was fun. Passing it on isn’t fun when it comes to depression.

Internet Addiction Disorder 0

Internet Addiction Disorder

Beware of the internet!! Those who are addicted to web surfing are more likely to suffer from the Internet Addiction Disorder – a pathological condition that can lead to deep depression and anxiety.
The addiction is just not an urge, it manifests as a craving much like you being hooked onto exercise, smoking, or even using the mobile phone. So what are the symptoms that can warn you of your internet addiction? You might experience loss of sleep, anxiety when offline, isolation from friends and family, loss of work and periods of deep depression. People between the ages of 16 and 60 can suffer from this disorder and more so if they suffer from the ’empty nest’ loneliness syndrome.

Smoking cessation pill to be banned 0

Smoking cessation pill to be banned

Champix (Varenicline) from Pfizer, a drug that is claimed to help people quit smoking is currently under the scanner by the MHRA, the UK medicines’ watchdog. It has been claimed that Champix is causing suicidal tendencies in people using it. 839 adverse drug recations were reported and included depressive behavior, mainly in people with previous psychiatric disease.
Champix both stimulates and blocks the nicotinic receptors in the brain. By stimulating the receptors it reduces the cravings and by blocking the receptors it results in a weaker response to people who give in and light up a cigarette. 44% of the users give up smoking after taking Champix twice daily for 12 weeks.