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How to carry forward our culture 6

How to carry forward our culture

It is not just important that we follow our ric culture & tradition but it is also important we carry forward to our children & grand children like our parents & grand parents did.

Yakshagana 1


Yakshagana is a traditional theatre form combining dance, music,spoken word,costume,makeup and stage technique with a distinct style and form. This form is mainly prevalent in the coastal districts and adjacent areas. Yakshagana is one of the most living art traditions in the world. There are about 30 full fledged professional troupes and about 200 amateur Yakshagana troupes.

You Are Cool or Hot 0

You Are Cool or Hot

Today youngstars need to be cool or hot . No one wants to be a warm personality . Helping people , wanting to know about others , these things make people often vulnerable , and people take them as opportunists .

Everyday news papers , magazines are offering you tips to look cool or hot . You buy ultra cool stuffs from glossy stores , make yourself presentable . Today make up or dress should speak loud about yourself , your size of pocket . Action and manners howeveras lost all importance .