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Kidney Market (Shoking) 1

Kidney Market (Shoking)

One News which is shocking.The news is that in India Kidney operation is done illegally on a very large basis.There are 2-3 doctors from Mumbai,Chennai and Delhi who do this Illegal wok and makes Lacs of rupees from one operation.They target poor persons to sell their kidney to them and tell them that they will give 1-2 lacs rupees to them.But finally when their Kidney is taken they give them only 50-75 thousands Rupees.And make them fear that if they will tell police they will kill them.These doctors are having their network in whole country.Recently one doctor named Dr.Upendra Gupta was caug

Cricket means Money 0

Cricket means Money

Indian Cricket Board means The Board which do most of the things wrong.Just yesterday they didnt select our inform Batsman Ganguly for the next ODI which Indian Going to Play and taken other Batsman.They took Yuvraj Singh which injured nowdays and also Out of Form.So from this it clearly seems that it is Corruption going on between Selectors.Also they gave the reason that they want that New players play.Than y they took Sachin,Sehwag?They are also old now.So put them also Out.Y Saurav Ganguly only?We can understand Dravid is not in very good form but Ganguly?He is in Good form.What the problem

Dial a number and complain 2

Dial a number and complain

Traveling Ticket Examiners (TTE) and RPF police personnel cause the biggest harassment to passengers on trains and platforms. Their job is to ensure that genuine passengers can travel on Indian trains comfortably, but most of them do he just opposite. They harass passengers and pick their pockets.