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Indian History contd… (4) 2

Indian History contd… (4)

Read my previous entry? Else you won’t be ale to enjoy it fully. Anyways I will continue my love for the bunch of constructors (I introduced this term in my second article of Indian History contd…) in this fourth article of Indian History.

Indian History contd… 4

Indian History contd…

For people who are new to my blog entry let me introduce my blog specialisation to you. My past two articles were about Indian history.. how time and again the truth have been tempered be it by invaders or by our own governement, which is elected by us only.

Indian History…. 1

Indian History….

You might have come across email with pictures of tajmahal premise and someone called as Prof. Oak claiming it to have been built by an Indian King a long before Mughal era. I just could not stop myself from cluches of curiosity when I read the mail. So, I decided to research myself. And obviously, GOOGLE zindabad. I got to know a lot about this historian whom not many people know, who is actually beleived to be one of the greatest historian humanity had ever had. He contruibuted his lifetime for research on Indian ancient history.