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how u wish your priner would print bar codes and labels for u, as easily as documents!!!!

stop slighing and take a look at HCL’s brand new STAR-TSP 700, which offers high quality bar code, label, receipt nad ticket printing funcionality in monochrome as well as two-colour.

with built in unicode suppor for indian languages ( english, hindi, marathi ) , it is extremely useful for retailers……………
price no yet decided …….

Wi-Fi — (Wireless Fidelity) New World of Wireless 0

Wi-Fi — (Wireless Fidelity) New World of Wireless

Without Doubt I can say that Coming Years will be Simply Wireless. With the Help of Wi-Fi this concept is possible. What is this Wi-Fi? Let us see

Wi-Fi is the Short form of Wireless Fidelity. This can be defined as a wireless Local Area Networking System. So I welcome you all to the World of Wireless.

Can you imagine a day without Internet? For me it is not possible. That means now internet has become an integral part of our life. Here we can realize the importance of Wi-Fi technology. Within a short period of time Wireless Fidelity is going too be a part of the whole world

who is running after whom??? 0

who is running after whom???

are we the humans are running after computers or systems are running after us, can anyone tell me? past 5 yaers back many of us dont know about emails atleast, today many are having a blog also, is this a good revolution? but too much addiction is problem i think!!! there is a limit for anything like spywares , pronography and scams may follow uuuu