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Avoid junk foods for your children 8

Avoid junk foods for your children

My Wife’s elder sister has two daughters, one aged 8 years & another 4 years old. We all love them as they are cute & adorable. Even my wife’s sister & her husband love them a lot.

What Do You Want Your Child  To Be In Life 1

What Do You Want Your Child To Be In Life

” I would like to have a partner for watching cricket with me . So I want a baby boy .”.

” Don’t I accompany you while watching cricket ???”

Learn it from Children 0

Learn it from Children

Whatever the activities children do they always enjoys it. If you observe them they laugh on each and every activity they perform whether they are alone or with the parent or with other children. Really you too will enjoy their activities and will feel little relaxed forgetting if any tension mounts on your head. The children involvement in whatever they do is total from their heart not considering or thinking what other will thing about it.

Passing It On 0

Passing It On

When I was a child we played a game called, Pass It On. You may remember it too. One person whispers something in your ear and you pass it on to the next person. By the time a simple phrase has reached the end of the line it sounds like something totally different. It was fun. Passing it on isn’t fun when it comes to depression.

Children’s day 0

Children’s day

The international children’s day is celebrated all over the world by the UN ans UNESCO on November 20th every year. It is celebrated as the Universal Children’s day and is aimed at promoting worldwide fraternity and understanding between children. This date was chosen because on that day the Declaration of the Rights of Children was adopted by the UN.

In India Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, whom children fondly called as Chacha (uncle) is closely associated with children. His birthday is celebrated as Children’s day. It falls on November 14th every year. Nehru used to like children a lot and even posed for photographs with them whenever possible. One of the more endearing pictures from history is a child pinning a rose on Nehru’s coat.