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National Treasure 0

National Treasure

Recently i saw a movie called National Treasure Book of Secrets , it is the sequel to the National Treasure where Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) has spent his whole life searching for a treasure . For six generation the Gates family has chased after clues.
In this sequel again he is in search for the treasure and also Gates has to prove his great grandfather was not behind the murder of President Abraham Lincoln. Will Ben will be able to prove his great grandfather is not guilty and whether he will be able to find the treasure? That is me to know and you to find.

Habit of Reading Books 0

Habit of Reading Books

The habit of reading books has always been considered an elite and prestigious hobby . Only those who can afford of the luxury of having some peaceful moment for themselves can enjoy a good read . Book reading is not something which we do just for enjoyment . It widens the mind , encourage us to view something from different perspectives and helps us in better judgement while taking any decision in life .