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What is a blog? 2

What is a blog?

Inspired by a blog post on blogging I thought that I should post some information on blogs. It has helped me understand, ‘What is a blog?’. Perhaps it will help others also.

Significance of Comments in Blogs 4

Significance of Comments in Blogs

Comments by its very definition, indicates that it should convey some thoughts relevant to the post or the contents. It invariably should be a critical explanation on articles or posts.

writing 1


writing is a great work where we can show what we have in mind .simply we can show the world the power of pen.this is great to write blogs on various websites.this is very good for ourself we are developing our writing skills and also earn litle money for joy.but writing has many qualitys.we must maintain quality and dont cheat from others .this is the first rule of writing .you have develpo yourself with writing power and thinking power.now a days courses also introduced like technical writing.this are highly paid jobs and very responsible.this is a great platfprm for us to improve ourself by

Intzar aaj bhi hai 0

Intzar aaj bhi hai

Intzar aaj bhi hai tere laut aane ka, intzar aj bhi hai tera pyaar pane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere chahre pe khushi ki hanse aane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere ek jhalak pane ka, intzar aj bhi hai fir se bahar aane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tujhe pyaar se gale lagane ka, intzar aj bhi hai tere us khamoshi k tuut jane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere un kea wadon k nibhane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tera wo bewajah muskurane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere un kabi na khatm hone wale baton ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere sang chalne ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere sath dunia basane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere zakhm bhar

Advice to bloggers 4

Advice to bloggers

I have observed that many blogs in this site containing poems, jokes etc are duplicated from other sites. It is quite possible that many could be with a sincere objective of sharing some of the jokes which one may have observed in some other site and the intention is good. However if it is with an intention of collecting point as blogs, please be rest assured, that it will be easily traced and deleted by the moderators.

blogs reloaded 2

blogs reloaded

my blog got everything you want and need to know.by profession i am a physcian working in a govt hospital in delhi .. i’ve been into bloggin for quite some time now and i am happy to be part of eblog site..my motto of life is be famous without harming others and to live and let live others.
my current hobbies is to listen good music(language is never a barrier), internet blogging ,playing TT and other ..but i do not get much time for it due to busy schedule.