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What blogging exactly means 4

What blogging exactly means

many of us were unaware of the fact what exactly a blog means.i joined blogging around a year ago and that time i was not even sure of the word meaning of it.

Blog writing 2

Blog writing

I love writing and sharing things and learning things as well. Blog writing is a cool thing to express yourself. Thanks eblogs for giving the opportunity to earn along with writing.
I read so many interesting articles, i am new and trying to reach the member who have written many blogs. Wish i write more than 100 blogs here and wish to write more.

Something For Everyone 0

Something For Everyone

‘Blog’ or ‘web log’ offers something for everyone . Till last year I have no idea at all what a blog is . Hesitatingly I did sign up at some blogsite who promises free blogs but could not do well because I didnot know the mechanism of posting blogs well . But now after constantly blogging and reading other blog-posts for almost last eight months now I can vouch for this lovey pastime . It actually not only a pastime but it is also the ‘push button publishing technique’ of this generation .

Posting of copied items in blogs 8

Posting of copied items in blogs

Dear Eblogs team & All Users

Many users are posting genuine blog, but some users are posting copied items from another sites. I am agree with eblogs team members that they are deleting the copied blogs of that member, but by this we can’t say who is the original writer of that blog, and we and all blogs website teams should appreciate to genuine blogers.

Its a Mad Mad Situation 2

Its a Mad Mad Situation

I love writing . So when I joined some blog sites , I felt that now who can stop me ever . But after posting some blogs , or frankly speaking after I have unburdened my heart out I felt that I have nothing more to say .
But creativity is something else which everyone cannot achieve . To be creative , to carry on the flow of writing one must wear a thinking cap . Everyday issues should have bothered them , so much so that they cannot stop thinking untill they write it down or express it . Of course in an artistic manner .

First Blog Post in New Year 0

First Blog Post in New Year

Here comes my first blog post in New Year; also this blog entry is first in eblogs also. I wake up in the morning early & for wishing my friends by email I had opened my Gmail. There was a new message of eblogs. Email was about eblogs is changed & reopened with new features. I came to eblogs & just Amazing look of eblogs was(still it is)!!!

About My Articles 0

About My Articles

After reading my all posts one must be thinking that why I am writing about only about websites? The question is general & expected from me.
I am engineering student & I like to surf the web. I like to read, watch new articles, new things from Internet. Because of this hobby; I have about 500+ Bookmark websites.
I found that many internet user use Internet for sending receiving email, gossiping on Orkut, chatting & all those stupid things. Main part of Internet is not even know to them. There are lacks of interesting websites on Internet that can help you for education, can save your time in different way.