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Winter Care For a Beautiful You

Most of the women I know are people who can take care of themselves , all are enjoying happy ( more or less ) family life . They don’t need to do every house hold chore by themselves and curse their fate for not getting time for rest .When they come out of their houses for any social do or for office , definitely they spend some times in front of the mirror , and step outside with a smile of satisfaction . They dress almost to kill . ( You know ladies cannot repeat the same dress in the same place )!!

Some days back I along with my friends and family were attending a birthday party . Wow , I thought everyone is looking gorgeous ! Nothing that they want to give a miss ! I am always the butt of ridicule . But I don’t know why I should by a new dress to celebrate some others B”Day !! And you know they can sing the track record of each and every dress I wear , when and where I wore it . I could just keep myself without falling on the ground as a result of shock , when the history of one of my Sarees is tracked back when I wore it in Assam back to some years ( now I am In kolkata ) . Mind it .

But during the silence after the initial gush of laughter and exchange of what is going on I noticed something shocking .The feet of the ladies beneath the fashionable foot-wares . Oh God , how could they manage to carry them with themselves . They are rough , dry , cracked not lucky enough to have a drop of moisturiser or cream . Leave aside pedicure . Well, several coats of nail anamel was there in case you manage to have slight glance . But otherwise they are by no means things to look at .

How people can ignore one part of their body completely . Just ten minutes of everyday care can keep their feet healthy and beautiful . How can one flaunt black and deep cracks in heels at this age . The immediate impact of a pair of ill treated feet is far from a welcoming sight . Though I am telling about these women it is not a problem only with a few . Anyone suffering from this proble, before you apply a medicine like Crack or something just do this much .
> Mix a packet of any shampoo with two litres of warm water . Dip your feet there .After ten minutes clean the heels with a toothbrush .
>After cleaning properly wsh with clean water and wipe out completely with a cotton cloth .
> Then apply a generous dose of hand or body cream or you can use any one of vaseline , glycerin , Mastard oil mixed with a dash of lemon . Massage well .
> Wear a clean socks for the rest of the night .

Do only this much and your feet can beat your smile .

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