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Sunday , its sounds so relaxing , so peaceful . During my childhood Sunday was synonimous with sumptuous dishes , leisurly lunch , morning activities of household work etc . Helping parents was one of the topmost activity in the agenda , even more important then getting our goods neat and clean . Because as my father told that when for the rest of the week maa and deuta help up with our works like home work and , and everything we should help them at this particular day .

But gone are the days . Today’s childs are either too busy or too reluctant to help parents . But even todays parents are reluctant to take the help of their kids . Some donot allow them to understand how much it is important to learn to accomplish their own jobs . Most parents who can afford a domestic help are solely dependant on them .But when a child doesnot know or learn how to do the basic household works won’t it be a trouble for them later on . One cannot ignore the importance of physical labour , at the same time we cannot have a help at anytime . Learning the skills are very much important and they are part or their education process itself .So I think parents should involve childs in domestic works at least to the extent that doesnot interfere in their own activities like homework or scholl projects .

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    The formative years are the best time when the assimilation process is very quick and that is what stays permanently.


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