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Shahrukh Here , Shahrukh There

Every time I switch on the tv Shahrukh will be smiling or shaking a leg or mending his mane or speaking with his unmistakable mannerisms . It is because he is one of the most successful and sought after person at this moment . Definitely he deserves public affection as he is one of the most hardworking actor of Mumbai Film Industry at present , which is why people love him .

His recent achievements are making him more sought after than ever before . And why not ?In front of a nation crazy and passionate only for cricket and movies who else can have more public appeal that SRK . He is the Badshah of film industry as well as the person who can shell out crores to rope in glamourous players to form his IPL Kolkata team . He now becomes the centre of attraction as the one and only glamourous person who can shine in both of the most glamourous fields of professions . And as a smart professional as he is he has never missed any opportunity to shine in limelight .

But the matter is that should not the news channels maintain the minimum limit of their lines . How can they be so superficial . There is not news , no editing of clips , they just go on showing vedio clips of the actor in films , stages , in interviews throughout the day which did not have slightest relevance with the news they want to convey . At times people just cannot bear it anymore . One particular afternoon I had checked every news channel for some news , but everywhere Shahrukh Khan was the “breaking news” . ( By the way it is another interesting fact , how can all the news channels have the same “breaking news” .)

I mean , we love Shahrukh Khan , whatever be the reason , why should we tolerate him everywhere , even he should understand that excess of everything , specially public exposure , is bad . News channels please note !!

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3 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    it is quiet obvious ..even SRK should also understand this before entering into advertisement contract with various companies that he will loose his charm like this…

  2. lkjhgf says:

    Shahrukh has achieved a lot in Bollywood after starting his career with circus.
    HIs rates of working in film is increasing day by day which also shows his increasing popularity.

  3. Service_to_all says:


    He is no great saint, to think of consequence and ethics. He is there to make money, and know what, the general public who pay in 100’s especially people who do not earn the kind of money in a day to burn it on watching his movies are the ones who are paying him.


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