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Mob Mentality

Mob comprises off you , me and may more like us . But individual behaviour and mob behaviour are so different from each other . When people get togather to opine about something or stage some protest against something it certainly have more impact than individual protest or opinion .

Aso when some fellow human being are in disaster people gather to help and empathise them , which act as great moral support to sufferer . But sometimes such gathering causes hindrance in rescue specially when the mob can do nothing to stop the mishap .

Yesterday , Barrabazar , the centre of trade and business in Kolkata saw a very fateful day . As a result of an electric short circuit or as a result of some conspiracyas doubted the whole area caught fire . As the area is very much congested and compact with all the shops, storehouses and buildings it was very much difficult to stop the fire from spreading further and to extinguish it . The sight of some tall buildings almost about to be devoured by the fire is so heart-wrenching .

The difficulty of the rescurers were made tougher by the mob thronging to watch the devouring fire . When it is so conspicuous that they cannot contribute in puttiing out the fire or not doing so they should just leave others to do .

Why it is so that people cannot control their minds while being in a mob . Every person in the mob is feeling for the poor sufferer and perhaps they wanted to be with them . But when they know that their presence in the scene is aggravating the situation they should rather leave that place , for the betterment of everyone .

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3 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    That is the human psychology. There is generally a human tendency wherein, people generally follow rather than prefer to being followed. There in makes the difference between a leader and the followers.

    Not all can become leaders, but such thoughts can atleast be a trigger for one to atleast attempt to become one.


  2. dulaliputra says:

    It is very difficult to understand mobs. Nice blog.

  3. dulaliputra says:

    It is very difficult to understand mobs. Nice blog.

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