Man Vs Woman

There are somethings which we cannot change about man . Perhaps that’s why it is said that man will always be man . Attitude of man are changing over the days , and most of them are towards the betterment . Men are accepting women in the workplace , supporting them , and many men are ready to be the hands on parent at home to help their working wives . Many men can understand now why women take more time while getting ready to go out of home , because men are now fashion conscious and they are not shy about that fact .

But this does not stop men from being men . I mean they will not be able to condition their minds like women can do . As men are by nature less articulate then women they cannot understand the nuances of women’s heart . Women mostly say things that they really don’t mean to say . And mostly they say no when they want to say yes . And Man will continue to love competion (fight) ,which gives them adrenile rush . Howsoever modern they are they love to live in a mess (making their socks fly around the room and leaving wet towels on bed ) ,while women love to keep things organised and tidy , so much so that this becomes an obsession .

Man take most of the things on face value , but women are often suspecious about things . Women can think more logically and can handle domestic matters more successfully and tactfully than men . In a recent survey it was revealed the kids that growing in the supervision of their dads are less efficient in handling things and solving problems . They are even dumb in calculations .

However , these are general opinions and reflects the characteristics of avarage men and women . Exceptions are always there and there are those who posses different mindset than usual and higher intelligence Quotient . Perhaps some day man and woman will proved to be different species , not just male or female of human being .

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3 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    On the one hand you say men are less articulate then women and on the other hand you say that women most often say things which they did not mean or say no, when they actually wanted to say Yes.

    Women are suspicious as you have mentioned and so logical thinking is distorted.


  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    For any relationship to long last one should understand each other. In todays world both man & woman has to work to live happily. So helping each other will always be good and the home environment will be peaceful.

    Madhu Vamsi….

  3. dulaliputra says:

    Mutual understanding, mutual respect and belief are the most essential characteristics to maintain good relationship not only between man and woman but also in between man and man.

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