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Cricketers and Their Filmy Links

Cricket and film are the two most glammouros profession because of the involvement of huge amount of income in both the professions . So people specially youngtsars want to be contestly updated with the latest happenings in these two fields . The number of aspirant cricketers and actors are also not of a negligible amount .

Besides people’s attraction toward the filmstars and cricketers , both the professions are somehow interested in each other . Crickers and filmstars are always complementing each otheer in public places . The gossip mills always wanting hints of filmstars dating cricketers or vice versa . Till Yuvraj Sing was playing well it was not a problem for anybody whom he meets or whom not . But when he was performing very bad in several conscutive matches he was blamed for spending time with super model and actress Deepiks PAdukone , who is also linked with MS Dhoni .

This is not just a fad that crickers are linked with filmstars . Reena Roy who went through an unsuccessful marriage with Pakistani Cricketer Mohsin Khan and Sharmila Tagore happily married ever after with Nabab Pataudi are two perfect example of cricket craze in fimlstars .Both of these are quite progressive example of inter religious mariage too which happened decades back .

So as long as lots of money and glammour are involved ( which will never cease to happen , keeping in mind the huge popularity of these two professions ) both cricketers and filmstars will be linked to each other , by themselves and by gossip mongers .

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2 Responses

  1. kiranshubha says:

    Yes, it is a fact that most of the cricketers are find their way in glamour world & get involved with bollywood. But it’s high time these cricketers concentrate on their cricket skills than anything else. After all, they represent our nation & it’s a serious job.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    yes have seen some cricketers going filmi way…but that is the way they see their work and enjoy themselves

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