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Aamir Khan Thinks Differently

After so much media interviws and discussion about Taare Zameen Par , no one could just ignore the film . In one of his interviws to a news channel Aamir unfolds his concern for children . While saying that we don’t blame our childs for not being a good player , or a singer or for not being able to be a painter . But we blame them for not being good at maths .

This was a really unique thought , which most parent won’t like to relish . We just focus on the future of the student and insist on his performance in selected subjects . This is the order of the day , of the system .
While watching the picture as an average parent I feel grateful to Aamir for his effort to make a different picture . There must be many more issues that are related to the development of the kids to be a complete human being . All parents should wacth Taare Zameen Par because it will change their perspectives of ubbringing their children . And this will inspire Aamir Khan to take up other matters in future I hope . And perhaps help to modify the system of learning to a child friendly one .

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