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A Beginning Of a Journey

With much expectations I have joined this new blog site . Only blogging and blogging and getting points (of course moolah too ) is almost a dream come true . I signes myself up with the help of a friends referral .
Get , set , go , was what I thought . So started postiing my blogs and earned some points instantly within perhaps 2 hours . Then Got back to other works . Now I once again getting ready for the exciting job of blogging once again as I am free now .
But what is this ? There is no sign of my username ! I tried and tried for several times to log in to my blog but failed . Then I opened the lists of users points column , where I hope to see a ray of my existence at this new site . But in vain . Then a red letterred line I noticed passing several times . Oh God . My memory is not out of order ( Sinnce I have blamed my memory for losing the password so so so quickly ). Thank god . The admin. has lost all the blog posts posted between 12 o”clock yesterday and today .
Here I am . Logging in once again by registering myself once again I am sorry playing a cry baby just in the beginning . But in my first post (which is already lost)I wished hello to everybody and wished happy blogging at this new site . I hope this eblog will emerge to be a excellent platform for we bloggers to communicate , share our views and ideas and earning too .

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