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Where do you want to GO?

Where do you want to GO?

People are unhappy! Unsatisfied! They suffer from pain, anguish, grief, death! God who is all powerful and all knowing cannot do anything about it. God just assists us in achieving what we want to achieve. You would say “who is interested in hell or sufferings?” Yes people are! Otherwise why one should associate oneself with acts those have such effects? It is like you take plane for some other country than India and after reaching there wonder “Oh! How come am I here? I wanted to go to India!” So let us be judicious in our actions! Since actions in God’s realm are limited to thinking, let us improve our thinking. Let us get spiritually oriented.

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4 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    I want to go to the point where I can see the benefits of others and not mine.
    Where all the living things stay with love and care.

  2. Swathi says:

    I would love to ggo to the point where all my family is together with lots of love……….

  3. ShreeRadha says:

    Welcome ! That is a temporary destination. If you see the infinite time, this life of about 100 yrs is nothing! Our destination should loving abode of God. Even all our family members can also be there provided they take God seriously.

  4. ShreeRadha says:

    Welcome ! You can benefit others if you have benefited yourself first! That is, we all are in search of never ending bliss! Everyone is looking for excitement, thrill, happiness. We can spread such happiness only if we ourselves have acquired it. Right?

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