Waves and ocean

We all are like waves on the ocean! Meet up for one moment and depart in another! What a small period! Of few years! Compared to infinity! There is no relation among waves and waves! Relation of a wave is with Ocean! Similarly we are not related to each other at all! Our all relations are with one supreme personality, God! There cannot be any love between two imperfect souls (souls under Maya)! The soul is in the ocean of love but devoid of its experience! The famous quote, “Water, water everywhere not a drop to drink!” That is our condition! Let us focus on God! Come out of elusive thinking of loving others! That is beyond capacity of anyone! True love! It is there with God and saints! Let us set our Goal perfectly! Let us be clear of the problem! Wrong problem definition has worked havoc through all the past lives! Let the same mistake not repeat again! Let us make resolve to see and experience God’s love in this life only. You”ll have to leave back whatever you have, any way, one-day when you die! All pride, wealth, prestige, education, skills, fame, relations… everything! Why to cling to it now? Let’s make it in this life!

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