One God for All

Do you think God’s saying is limited to the Bible? What was before that? Wasn’t there any world present? Were there no Saints? It will be absurd to believe in such arguments. One must understand that God in reservoir of infinity. And everything about him is uncountable. Do you think God will distinguish between Christen and other religions? He is Father of all. Christen religion is propagated by Jesus who was a genuine saint and at least I”ve no doubt about it whatsoever. That does not mean that there are no other theories and opinions. In fact, God is powerhouse of infinite powers. And so is true about spiritual area. There are persons who worship Him as Their King, Their Master, Their Father, Their Mother, Their Son, Their Friend, Their Daughter, and Their Beloved. And in any other relation that can be conceived. The only criterion is you must keep on thinking of Him and only Him to purify your heart. All of them are correct. There are people who want all opulence of God instead of his love. Everyone will land up eventually (If not deviated from spiritual path) in spiritual realm of infinite exhilaration. The only question is why you and me are not yet successful in attaining God. We must concentrate on our hindrances and take the guidance from any corner that it comes. No point in limiting infinite power holder God to one religion or one Nation.

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  1. betterlife says:

    It is nothing but ignorance about God. I do not think that Jesus meant it.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

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