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How to know a saint?

Understanding that some one is a saint has to come from within. There are certain spiritual experiences that saint can give us indicating his divine power. Spiritual experiences are beyond all logic. Even beyond logic of coincidence. Saints are very good at acting. No point in going by their external behavior. Once you know him, don’t think every thing is over. You must not deviate from spiritual path. The reason is this understanding rest in mind only at certain level of purification of heart. If you attach yourself to materialistic pleasures, you may lose faith in saint. Thus to know saint two points are essential. Your heart must be pure up to necessary level AND Saint must be genuine.

To get to know about saint you need to understand theory proposed by him. Also you need to spend some time with him doing what he wants you do. When you”re not with him, you must continue spiritual exercises. Again, as it is true for everything, you must first believe in HIM as true saint and then if you don’t progress spiritually, you can try for some other saint. God being all knowing, counts your efforts spent in search of saint and at some point of time he”ll put in touch with a real saint. If searching exercise is already done in past lives, you come across real saint right at the first time. Not only that if such saint is due to you, God will arrange the meeting with sheer coincidence. Another way is to keep on praying God for such meeting.

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4 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Dear Mr. S k Dasgupta,

    You are spot on. Aham Brahmasmi. Tat Tvam asi. are all clear statements of the saint within one.


  2. lkjhgf says:

    why is it necessary to know and understand saint instead?
    can’t v directly understand the path that god has given us and should emphasis on his path and knowing it correctly?

  3. ShreeRadha says:

    You know, when you were a child, you needed A TEACHER for right from learning the letter A. Digit 1,2,3….. Why? Read the complete reply in the new post.

  4. dulaliputra says:

    It is difficult to understand by general people like us who is saint and who is not. I think there is no need to search a saint outside rather it is better to search the saint within.

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