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Will some bloggers ever learn???

Cut and Paste (Thanks to microsoft)

The policies have clearly been spelt out and all members have electronically consented to conform to the policies and strictly adhere to it. But this doesn’t seem to be practiced or followed by some members.

Despite making it clear that copied contents will be deleted and copying and pasting is against the policy of eblogs, people still are doing it. This despite knowing and personally experiencing the deletion of blogs, I fail to understand why they continue to do so.

I guess that those who are attempting to copy and paste are merely taking a chance in the hope that such copied blogs may be left alone by oversight.

This only clearly shows the lack of originality in such bloggers and their intent is only to make money. If such be the case I can only compare this with many other professions very lowly rated. I donot want to go any further describing the same.

I would only request all bloggers not to waste their precious time in identifying, copying and pasting them, though this task may take only a fraction of the time which they would have otherwise spent on original creative thinking. What ever be the time, it is definitely wasted as such copied blogs will be deleted at some point in time.

Moreover such bloggers are wasting other genuine bloggers time as well, as most are not aware that time spent on commenting on such copied blogs will also be removed.

So genuine bloggers beware of such copied blogs in your own interest. The identification is very easy, once you know the blogger and the pattern.

I hope some saneness sets in.

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  1. dulaliputra says:

    This is really very bad. I think they, who indulge in such practices, should understand that this kind of activity is nothing but cheating. So their activity is similar to that of a thief . Again it is also beyond good manners to pass other’s contents as one’s own as if they are entering a house without due permission .You are right to write this warning to all concerned.

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