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Motivate teachers

Teaching is one of the most revered professions. But, what has this come to
these days. It has become just like any other profession. Having said that, has it been given its due? Definitely not. The teachers are probably the lowest paid among the qualified in their respective branches. Having accepted this fact, a good teacher has to be in the right frame of mind to impart the knowledge to their students. In todays world of materialistic and high-flying way of living, any differences in the social living definitely has domestic problems. This is translated into the psyche of the teacher, which in turn reflects in the behaviour and knowledge transfer.

How do we avoid good teachers to degenerate to such levels? The best way is to ensure that the teachers are in the right frame of mind while attending the institution. For this if some basic financial burden is taken care of by paying sufficiently some problems are taken care off.

Some suggestions;

1. Good salary
2. All teachers must have atleast 30 min. meditation sessions before the school starts for the day.
3. Incentives for performing teachers.
4. Alumni students to give back to school by forming a trust and contributing to it. The corpus funds should be used to motivate teachers.

Others may have some more better suggestions as well.

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4 Responses

  1. Sulochana says:

    Hey , I took this post as a follow up of my post . Would you mind ? Very good suggestions . I would add another suggestion . At least one months of yearly refreshing course for all teachers in every level and govt shoul bear the cost .

  2. Service_to_all says:

    Definitely. Your post was a seed to my thought process.


  3. betterlife says:

    Sometime back I read an article which discussed whether today’s teachers can be compared to Gurus of ancient India. The conclusion was NO. Today’s teachers pass on information and knowledge to students but do not teach them “how to deal with the world?” It is not that they do not want to do it but it is their incapability. They themselves are not aware of it. Your suggestions are right. Every thing should be done to improve teachers” lot. But how to make them Gurus?

    Love all, Hate none

  4. Service_to_all says:



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