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Life is an Open Book

Life is an open book,
For everyone to look.

Popped into the world you berth,
propped by the mothers warmth.

baby one lives with mirth,
lullaby with no dearth.

As years go to grow,
tears you try to throw.

Off to school with a desire,
to learn and aspire,

The sway from parental dependence
meets the pay with capital independence.

The search for life partner
reaches the marriage altar

The freedom in singularity,
mates the wisdom of duality

Settles into a phase of understanding,
mettles to face-off any mis-understanding.

seems the Joy of Parenthood,
gleams with toy of motherhood.

Brings memories of Parental care
Rings stories of corporal scare

Best gifts to parents who rared
Aptest fit is acknowledgment and care.

Things you do good,
Brings you to lauds.

Flings of bad deeds,
stings like swarm bees

Think as a great dream,
Frisk it to full gleam.

Thus one completes the full cycle of life.

Take care of aged Parents, as you actions will be observed by your children, and ultimately they will do the same thing that you do to your parents.

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2 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    Clildren always imitates the actions of the parents and follow them.
    So weshould care our parents so that we r secured by our childs caring.

    “Jaisi karni vaisi bharni”
    so remember doing anything wrong.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    very true ..one should behave good and sensible with parents ..should give them all support and love as they have nurtured you with through out their lives

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