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Artfull Living – Controlling Pathos

Living is like a painting, and the way one paints is reflected in the way it is presented. The more artistic the painting is done with the heart and soul, the better will be the painting. Just as in a painting the painter uses the colour and the strokes to evolve a painting, in life too the emotions are like the colours and the strokes the resultant actions. A wrong choice of colours and strokes will lead to the painting disfigured. Similarly life also will have to be led with the right choice of balanced emotions and actions.

Controlling of emotions, plays a significant role in the way one lives, with specific emphasis on the negative emotions like Anger, Pathos, Greed etc. Anger as I had discussed is one of the dangerous of emotions, which need to be curbed. Coming to the aspect of Pathos, it may not be as dangerous as anger, but at the time disturbs the mental state of one exhibiting it and also the others around.

Life is full of ups and downs and it will be easy to face the ups, but the difficulties are the ones, which have to be faced with absolute control. Invariably the downs lead to felling of self-pity and pathos. When one gives into this emotion, life will become miserable to oneself as well as others. A person who subjects oneself to pathos is invariably avoided by others as they would also not want to be put in a miserable situation. This emotion also slows down the process of progress in life.

One of the art of a good living is to Control Self-pity or Pathos.

Artfull Living – Control Emotions
Artfull Living – Controling Anger

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2 Responses

  1. sajeevss says:

    One can control one’s Pathos, only if one learns to recognize it .The whole society is involved in this……..it is one’s duty to mankind and to society to help one an other…..hence to avoid people who show anger and self pity only increases their trouble.

  2. nishunishaa says:

    agree with u completely

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