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Superstitions an Evil?

Since times immemorial, superstitions prevailed on this earth and millions of people believe in them, while many laugh at them and ignore them. Dr Betty, explaining the origin of superstitions ,says that all the mysterious practices together with magic and superstitions come from the primitive man’s feeling of insecurity in a world he could not understand and was powerless to control. So ,he looked for any means of foretelling the success of his hunting or farming and invented rituals, which were supposed to avert evil and misfortune.

Many people believe so strongly in superstitions that no business is started, no task is commenced unless the omens, day and tie are lucky as per the calculations of pundits and ojhas.
In many countries, Owl is considered as a signal of misfortune and death. But in Persia the Owl is looked upon as a bird of luck. As per the belief of Persians if one rubs with the feathers of the Owl, one s supposed toward off evil spirits and enemies. Owl’s soup is recommended as a cure for whooping cough. Not only this, the owl is very helpful to man, as it destroys mice and birds that harm crops.
Superstitions mysteriously connect unrelated incidents and coincidences with each other. Walking under a ladder is believed to be an unfortunate sign. Sneezing is also considered as a bad sign. Some consider 2 or 4 sneezes lucky, and other nos are unlucky. Most familiar superstitions is passing of a cat in front of you.

In my view all the above things is purely a coincidence for some. So we should not believe in those facts. After all we are now in 21th century. What do you say?Pl give your valuable comments.

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