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Harmful Effects Of Pollution – Air Pollution, Noise Pollution

The air that we breathe in becomes polluted in many ways. The rural country use cow dung, wood and farm waste for cooking their food, giving rise to such pollutants as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide etc. Urban areas particularly big cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. account for the worst level of pollution. Motor vehicles, power plants, refineries etc. also emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide
Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide etc. as well as dust particles. These dust particles get into our lungs which lead to cancer of the digestive tract and many pulmonary diseases. The presence of sulphur dioxide and nitrogenous oxide in the atmosphere causes acid rain that affects flora and fauna and soil fertility. Again air pollutants cause depletion of ozone layer. Ozone layer absorbs harmful
Ultra-violet radiation coming from the sun. Any disturbance in the formation of ozone layer presents the very existence of our planet. It leads to an increase in the incidence of skin cancer, eye ailments, damage to our immune system etc., as the population records a spiraling growth, man is busy cutting down trees and clearing forests for locating new towns and industries. Consequently, the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air has increased. This has resulted in global warming and the loss of rains. Another aspect that upsets the balance of nature and jeopardizes human existence is noise. The growing levels of noise in our ever-expanding mechanized society have become a public health hazard. The WHO has recommended a tolerance limit of 45 decibels of noise level and 55 decibels during the day. Beyond this limit, noise causes widespread damage to human mind and body. Environmental noise leads to headaches, fatigue, inefficiency, blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythms. It is therefore imperative to take measures for protecting and minimizing if not totally eliminating pollution of our environment.

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