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money is the most common for people whether it is black or white.from where it is coming .we daily see scams in government office,private firms,banks,fraud people lotting money from the people.they are not human beings they are selfish people .money is common things in this sytem where every people want to earn money.this is also called as corruption in india.india is top most corrupted country in the world as per surveys.daily we see in newspapers and television online scam .online job rackets,most of the online jobs are fake or scam .some companys like ibibo,eblogs are paying .except all are fakes and scams.people also try to cheat many indian people online and offline.daily scams are increasing only for money.they dont think about humanity.i think they are not human beings and they should be severe punishments for them .

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    The scams, frauds and bribes are all the makings of people who want to short circuit and avoid the hard work. This is growing because people do not have the patience.

    If people stop paying bribes to get their job done, then some amount of corruption is curtailed. Will people do that??


  2. quadeer says:


    thanks for your valuable comments.

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