Tension or Stress taken by students during Exam Time

It’s the time, where many students are giving exams. Some of them panic and get afraid of giving exam. They think that if they do not fare well, then they will not be able to make their names in any specific field. Some of them have committed suicide which is very bad. These teenagers are facing big challenge. Everyone’s individual reactions to it will be different. When you”re tensed up or stressed, this means you are worried about your results which a good sign. But it will be noticed very badly, if you take lots of tension at this very moment.

I will share with you some tips of avoiding stress or tension later.

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4 Responses

  1. nishunishaa says:

    yes it will help jyo…

  2. jmalhotra says:


    hope ur tips might help the students in stress these days due to examination fever…

  3. madhu_vamsi says:

    I always wonder for such a litttle thing in life, teenagers commit sucide. If there is no solution for the problem a person will commit sucide. For suppose a person is in his final stage of cancer and will definately die in 2 days commits sucide then it is ok. But due to exam fever commiting sucide is not right. The students should daily has to allot studies hours and they should strictly follow. Fear comes in the mind of the student only if they study before the exams. One should strictly avoid this habit.

    Madhu Vamsi….

  4. nishunishaa says:

    we need to do something for them…

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