1) Polydipsia : Polydipsia refers to excessive thirst. This symptom occurs because there is excessive loss of fluid through urine.

2) Polyuria : Polyuria refers to frequent urination.This symptoms occurs because as the sugar is excreted through urine a large quantity of water is also excreted along with the sugar .Therefore a diabetic frequently passes urine.

3) Polyphagia : Polyphagia refers to excessive hunger.In diabetes the various body cells starve since the glucose cannot enter the cell without insulin .To overcome this cellular starvation the body gives rise to abnormal & excessive hunger.

4)Loss of weight : When the cells cannot utilize glucose , the body disintegrates stored fats to provide the cells with the necessary nourishment.Therefore the person looses weight.

5)Weakness, fatigue & body ache : The body also utilize stored muscle protein to nourish the starving cells .This is cause of weakness.

6) Mental Fatigue & lack of concentration : Brain cells mainly utilize glucose for energy .Since glucose cannot enter the cells without insulin the brain cell starve leading to mental fatigue.

7)Wound infection & delayed healing : Diabetic individuals have blood which is rich in glucose but the supply of blood to the skin is poor also there is reduced sensation as a result of which the individual is not aware of injury.All this results in development of wounds which take very long to heal.

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