This is the slogan raised by CPM. I am puzzled when I find them supporting China, which nation is in aggressive mood, though their heinous activities in Tibet caused mass protest. Again the Chinese have demanded Arunachal Pradesh as the part of their country. When our PM visited Arunachal Pradesh and assured saying, “it is our land of rising sun”, the Chinese side evoked objection. Under such a circumstance when China adopted anti India policy how can the CPM pat China and ignore the importance of Arunachal Pradesh being the integral part of India!! China grabbed Tibet in 1951 and waged a full scale aggression in the year 1962 against India, so far as I remember in the month of November and retained a huge area of Aksai Chin Region. Now, China is going to divert the course of Brahmaputra which will do great harm to the entire North East causing a vital change in the physical features of the entire region. Still CPM is blind in love of China, whose imperialist attitude is evident from the invasion of Tibet in 1951 and the current atrocities as I have pointed out , before which Tibet was an independent country. Our Govt. , on the other hand, is unable to show their statesmanship in every respect of foreign policy. Their main policy is to appease.

As an Indian we should not take one-sided decision . Our principle is not to hate. We are neutral in this case. We are not willing to pat one and to hate others. We shall have to act wisely , keeping our interest on the top of the list and whoever comes on the way we must discard him or her or them without any prejudice.

Should we rely on the prudence of these kind of people, who in need is mewing instead of roaring?

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    CPM is party which don’t have any aim or ideas to develop the country. We should kick them all to china or some other country. Such betraying people should not be in India..

    With lots of love Madhu Vamsi….

  2. Service_to_all says:


    The communist always been pro-USSR during the united Russia days. Now they are pro-china and are planted representatives of China in India.

    They should be termed “Chinese Politburo Members”


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