Office Office

Chk out the Office Office every night in Sab TV on Mon – Thus 10:00 IST. It is a Satirical comedy about the day to day problem you face with the government officials.

The government officers are

Pandey – Self observant, who never answer till you address him with Jee as Pandey Jee.

Patel – Who always come up advice start with 2 words and end up with many

Shukla – Beware of his Pan habits, it strikes when you least expect

Bhatia – Never feed or eat in front of him

Usha – She has talent to put you into her talent show, like making papad, sewing sweater and more..

Mausandilal – As a disappointed customer

These performers come to tell the various moods and shades of a typical government officials. The show is satire comedy about how these officials does your job after taking bribes from you..How they toss you from one desk to another !!!

The show act like the mirror to the real life, where some government officials treat their customer like beggars. Govt university where your destiny is decided, there some of the so called govt workers looses the most prestigious certificate of your life.
Even some places, when you call a office a voice pick up the phone, hearing it you will feel that he/she is sining you a lullaby song.

Thanks Sab TV Team for showing a light about some govt officials. If our Govt officials work perfectly then our India can become No One in everything. What do you think?

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hello Nisha, I like this serial very much. The govt offices were criticized very neatly with good sense of humour. I like all the comedians in this serial…Thanks for sharing with us…

    Madhu Vamsi….

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