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Today on internet there is storm of PAID TO CLICK ( PTC ) & PAID TO READ ( PTR ) WEBSITES. PTC websites pays to view ads directly on the websites , whereas PTR websites pays for reading emails . PTC websites pay its members between 0.1 cent to 1 cent for each advertisement & the minimum cash out by the members varies between 1 to 10 USA $. On the contrary PTR websites pay between 1-2 $ or more for each email & minimum cash out ranges from 500 – 1000 USA $.

Although PTR websites write that their minimum pay out is 500 USA $ or slight more but these websites do not pay the member when he or she reaches the minimum payout of that particular website. People join PTR websites easily, thinking that they will be able to earn a huge sum within a short period of time as they are getting 1-2 $ for just reading email for 30 seconds .However it is their myth . When the members reach the minimum payout , the PTR website ask the members to upgrade their membership from free member to paid member & when they will upgrade their membership than only they can withdraw the minimum amount otherwise the minimum payout for free members is more than 20,000 $ or so. In other words to make people register , PTR websites display minimum payout which is between 500-1000 USA $ but actually this payout range is only for Premium members & not for free members. PTR websites hide the fact that the minimum cash out for free members is very very high . PTR websites charge a huge money for upgradation of membership. It normally ranges from 50-200 USA $. PTC websites are much better than PTR websites as in PTC websites the minimum pay out is same for both free & premium members. Therefore if the minimum payout of a PTC website is 10 USA $ than both the free member & premium can withdraw money when they have a balance of 10 $ in their account. However the Premium member of PTC website will have other advantages like more number of advertisements , more earning per add etc.

The most important fact about PTC & PTR websites is that the person earns nothing if he or she does not have unlimited internet connection & is paying his or her own internet bill . This is because of the down loading of files . Also many times Virus comes in the PC because of the down loading of files . Thus check the PC for anti virus before registering with PTC & PTR websites.Earning from both the type of websites is not so simple because it requires lot of patience , time & referrals. Without referrals it is extremely difficult to reach the minimum pay out . A person needs at least 10 active referrals to get the payment from the website within a month or two otherwise it might take 5-6 months to get the first payment.Making referrals is also a hard task because many people do not trust as there are several fake sites . Also many people do not know about Pay Pal & Alert Pay.

To all those who are new to PTC & PTR websites it is my suggestion that before getting register with the websites check out the stats of the website. In the stats see the number of active members also the total amount paid by the site & the most important the payment proofs. If the website is genuine it will always have the payment proofs . Also do not forget to check the contact & support section of the website. If the contact or support section is missing DO NOT REGISTER. Thus in a nut shell do not think that it is very easy to earn from PTC & PTR websites although all these websites show the big money but only some websites actually pay . Also before getting registered check your internet connection & also the PC for anti virus.

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5 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    yes u are right only some of the sites are genuine rest are just there to misguide or to get the attention of more ppl for their benefit and not to share any revenue earned due to the members ..but rather they abruptly go off line or say some error in the site and never come back…very relevant awareness and one should take care while registering with them

  2. lkjhgf says:

    Ya thats true that only few are genuine

    I got payment from two of such sites and know some good sites too.

    some scam sites lure & attract us by saying they will pay
    100$ for reading a ad.Many have bcame fool coz of that.

  3. ferose says:

    u r right there are so many PTR & PTC site i myself have joined so many but i dint received money from any site till date. All are scam no one gives money just attract people to increase their sales.

  4. earn121 says:

    Yea.. you are right. PTC sites are lot better than PTR sites. But not all PTC sites are worth our time. I have spent a lot of time looking for good PTC sites. I joined about 200+ PTC sites, and got paid from just 37 sites. That means , i was fooled by more than 163 sites. Its really hard to find PTC sites which pays. Anyways, i have listed those 37 sites from which i got paid in my blog http://www.simpledollars.blogspot.com .

    Good Day

  5. betterlife says:

    Most of these sites are cheat sites. On one pretext or the other they avoid paying money. Of course, there are sites which pay, but the earnings are very small and are not of the value people spend to earn them. People spend their time and energy. They spend in hardware and software. Then they pay for internet connection. Calculate all this and you will find it is not a profitable business.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

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