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Justice of life

We being the citizens of INDIA are coming from such an society where we have so many religions and all practices them.But is it that we are faithful towards the god or towards the nation this is one of the thing which we have to think by the out put which we give to the society.What is the best way to give the society what godd qualities we have. We have been bought up and buildup and are in such a stage that we can think what is godd and what is bad but the point here arises that Are we doing justice to the people who are leaving around us anf to the society in which we are leaving?What is the role we being in society.Is their any responsibility we are to take as to make the society correct if it is going wrong in wrong direction.
Can we take the initiative to make the correction,Yes but before that we should check ourself also that we capable of taking the owernship and we have the dedication and the fate of the people that theu will help us and listen to us for some or the other cause which helps in making the society clean.Their should be justice in every act which we do as the almighty is seeing us first have that fear then think of the others.If we doing wrong to others it will impact us also in some way or the other because nothing is left un turn in the world today if it is our turn then some day it will be other turn.How can we clarify that we have done the justice?
This can be justified from the act we do or the reaction (answers) to the others which we give it should be in such a way that it should not hurt others any problem should not be caused to other person or the society where we leave.Becaause if a single person is making the correction and the group and then the whole society it makes all the difference.This makes a nation good because it is we who makes the nation feel proud and healthy nation.So before doimg any act or reacting to others make sure that we are good human beings first then rest and share your best with others.

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